Hiba Khogali

Hiba Khogali

Specialist Rheumatologist
Tawam Hospital

Hiba Khogali is a Specialist Rheumatologist at Tawam Tertiary Hospital. She is a MRCP UK, MRCPI holder. Ultrasound Musculoskeletal expert Diploma SCAM Spain University. Dr. Khogali had achieved acting Head Department Rheumatology service 2013-2015

Membership SRS, EMA, ESR and ACR. She is the founder of SLE clinic Tawam Hospital 2014, founder obstetric Rheumatic Disease clinic Tawam Hospital Dec 2018, founder SLE and Women well health pathway care Tawam Hospital Dec 2018.

She had three abstracts mostly SLE and case report. She is a participant at OSCE clinical examiner for six-year medical students and Internal Medicine Residents.

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