Mohammed Gamal

Mohammed Gamal

Senior Specialist Registrar
Consultant Rheumatologist
Dubai Hospital

Mohammed Gamal, MD is a graduate of AL Azhar University School of medicine, where he also attended his undergraduate studies, where graduate manga cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Medicine. Dr. Gamal trained at the AL Azhar University in Egypt at Rheumatology department. during his residency, he was able to provide superior care and consultation that resulted in an overall improvement of the department’s patient satisfaction quotient. Afterwards, he completed Master degree at AL Azhar University in Rheumatology Department. Dr. Gamal focused on the role of musculoskeletal ultrasound in early detection of soft tissue inflammation around the knee in osteoarthritis patients.
Dr. Gamal has been practicing in the AL Azhar University Hospitals to complete his Medical Doctorate (MD). His practice focuses on the inflammatory part of osteoarthritis by detection of new marker to prove inflammatory component of this degenerative disease. He currently has multiple abstracts publications in different conferences between oral and poster presentations also; he works as coinvestigator in three drug trials.

Currently, Dr.Gamal holds certification from AL Azhar University as a consultant and lecturer of Rheumatology.  Dr. Gamal also awarded best abstract award in APLAR 2017

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