Bhaskar Dasgupta - ESR Annual Meeting 2024
Bhaskar Dasgupta

Bhaskar Dasgupta

Professor of Rheumatology
Head of Rheumatology & Director of Research
Southend University Hospital
United Kingdom

Prof. Bhaskar Dasgupta has been Head of Rheumatology and Director of Research at Southend University Hospital and holds Professorships at Queen Mary London, Essex and Anglia Ruskin Universities.

He is a foremost exponent on Giant cell arteritis, polymyalgia rheumatica and large vessel vasculitis and expert on vascular and MSK ultrasound. His Fast track GCA pathway was awarded the BSR Best Practice Award.

Prof. Dasgupta has published over 350 original articles on these topics including the first report of interleukin-6 elevation in GCA PMR, GiACTA trial of tocilizumab in GCA, ACR EULAR PMR Classification criteria and treatment guidelines for both GCA and PMR. He organizes the prestigious annual Southend symposia/workshops on GCA ultrasound.