Lynda Bailey - ESR Annual Meeting 2024
Lynda Bailey

Lynda Bailey

Lead Nurse for Adult’s Rheumatology
The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
United Kingdom

Ms. Lynda Bailey qualified as a registered nurse in 2005. She has worked in a variety of settings within the field rheumatology, starting her career on the rheumatology inpatient ward at The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, before moving to Airedale District Hospital as a Rheumatology Clinical Nurse Specialist. Ms. Lynda returned to Leeds in 2011 as a Rheumatology Research Nurse.

She has worked collaboratively with the Clinical Commissioning Groups successfully leading developing and implementing an inflammatory arthritis pathway, After which she went on to run the rheumatology day case unit, before returning to the clinical nurse specialist team managing the biologic nurses.

Ms. Lynda successful lead on developing a non-oncology chemotherapy training and competency package for nursing at Leeds as well developing excellence in practice competencies for the CNS team and the nurses on the day case unit before the Royal Colleague of Nursing competencies were published.

She won an award alongside the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS pharmacy department as part of a patient improvement pathway, streamlining homecare prescriptions.

Her’s specialist interests are rheumatoid arthritis targeted therapies, transition of children and young people, rheumatology and obstetrics and patient experience/engagement.

Ms. Lynda has been a member of several steering committee meetings developing agendas for nursing conferences, participating in advisory boards for the development of patient material.